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Professional Full Service Grooming by Appointment

Self-Serve Dog Wash – Walk-in Service

Full-Service Bathing – Walk-in Service


Professional Full Service Grooming by appointment, all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats.  Grooming includes bath, blow dry, haircut, nails clipped and ears cleaned.  We finish the service with a fresh scent cologne and bows or bandanna. 
Grooming is done start-to-finish, so your pet doesn’t have to stay all day.  If your schedule requires an all day stay, we make your pet feel welcome and comfortable by providing fresh water and much needed potty breaks.
Poochie Bath has an open floor plan with a lounge so you may stay and watch your pet being groomed.
Please call 937-297-1500 or email
deb@poochiebath.com for a custom quote and appointment.


Full-Service Bathing is a walk-in service and at Poochie Bath we mean full-service!  A full service bath includes the bath, specialty shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, brush-out, removal of tangles and mats,* cleaning the ears, clipping the toenails, facial scrub when needed, cologne, and bows or bandanna.

All this and no appointment necessary!
Pricing is based on the length and thickness of coat, we can provide you an exact quote when you come in.

Full-Service Bathing Pricing



Price Range*


30 lbs and under



31-55 lbs.



56-85 lbs.


Extra Large

86 lbs and over


* Severely tangled or matted dogs may have an extra charge or require a grooming appointment

Are you a regular grooming customer and need an in-between bath between hair-cuts?  Call us for special pricing.


Poochie Bath is Kettering’s only Self-Serve Dog Wash.   Come in and enjoy the bonding experience of bathing your own pet.  You need only bring your dog on a leash.  Poochie Bath staff will train you how to use the bathing and drying equipment. 
Poochie Bath provides everything you need, including elevated tubs, high powered dryers, your choice of
shampoos, use of brushes, combs, rakes and toenail clippers, ear wipes or ear wash, cologne and unlimited towels.   Add-on’s for a nominal charge include special shedding and moisturizing conditioners, disposable toothbrushes, facial scrubs.
Staff provided services discounted with bath purchase include toenails clipped, teeth brushed, and professional ear cleaning.

Complimentary:  The trained knowledgeable staff at Poochie Bath will train you how to best care for your specific pet’s skin, coat and grooming needs.  

Self-Serve Bathing Pricing




Small dog or cat

30 lbs and under



31-55 lbs.



56-85 lbs.


Extra Large

86 lbs and over


Specialty Services
Toenails painted, pick from a variety of shades and colors, includes matching bows!
Hair dye gels in a variety of colors

Shampoos and Conditioners

Choose from our selection of Spa Quality Shampoos

Skin Problem shampoos
Hypoallergenic shampoos for sensitive skin
Skin Relieve shampoo for dry itching skin, calms hot spots
Anti-itch soothing oatmeal shampoo

Aromatherapy shampoo
Green Tea Mint shampoo

Deodorizing shampoos
Baking soda shampoo
Deodorizing anti-dander shampoo

Color enhancing shampoos
Black Luster
Super Whitening

Specialty Shampoos
Flea Shampoo – natural ingredients
De-greaser shampoo
Skunk odor treatment

Extra-moisturizing conditioner
Refurbish conditioner – aids the shedding process

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